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Trip Announcement - Walt Disney World 2020

Sooooo I'm going back to Walt Disney World next year and oh my god I'm so so excited!
Even though I've only been once, Disney World is one of my favourite places and I am incredibly lucky to be going back. I am heading over there in May 2020 and we will be staying for two weeks at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. We are also flying economy from Manchester to Orlando International with Thomas Cook so everything is finally booked and in place meaning we are definitely going!

As the trips will be two years apart there is lots of new stuff coming up at WDW which we didn't get to see last time, most importantly, Star Wars - Galaxys Edge!! I really can't wait to see this and to go on the rides that come with it because if its anything like the other new lands (Pandora and Toy Story) it's going to be amazing! We will also be there during Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival so it will be good to see how this compares to Food and Wine last year.

As part of the book…

The Budapest Diaries - Day Four

It's time for the final instalment of The Budapest Diaries!

We were lucky enough to have a late flight which meant we still pretty much had all day to do some more exploring and tick the last things off our list. It's safe to say we managed to fit loads in! Started the day with pancakes again (what else?) and then did a little bit of souvenir shopping. Whilst we were in the shop we noticed a postcard of Hero's Square and realised we'd not been to see it. So, we quickly jumped on the metro and 5 minutes later we were there and it was gorgeous! So glad we managed to go see it and get some pictures because if we didn't go in that shop, we'd never have gone! After wandering round for a while and taking in the sights we jumped back on the metro and headed back to the centre; what we did realise was that this is something we could of done on the way to the Spa so that's something to bare in mind if you want to visit! Once we were back in the centre we decided to …

The Budapest Diaries - Day Three

Here's the next day of our Budapest adventure, over half way through now! We started our day nice and early at the Szechenyi Thermal Baths which was so lovely! We jumped on the metro and got there as soon as it opened so we could hopefully beat the crowds which we definitely did. We bought our tickets direct from the baths website before we left for 22 Euros each which included out entry and the use of a cabin (tiny changing room) for each ticket. The outdoor pools were amazing, it was like getting in a big bath, they were heated to around 34-38 degrees so it was just lush. The indoor pools were slightly different, these were a lot hotter and smaller than the outdoor ones and there was loads inside to explore. Personally I preferred the outdoor baths as inside was just slight dated and this seemed to be more where the locals relaxed but I would still recommend going inside to try the pools and saunas!
We spent around 3/4 hours at the baths as we still wanted to explore more of th…

The Budapest Diaries - Day Two - Part Two

So here is the next part of our day two adventures in Budapest...
After what felt like 50 thousand steps we went back to the Airbnb to chill for a couple of hours before we got ready to go back out in the evening. We decided to walk back over to the Buda side of the river for dinner and to see the views from Fisherman's Bastion both whilst it was still light, and once it got dark and everything was lit up. Fisherman's Bastion is a group of towers and turrets all situated on the top of the hill overlooking the Pest side of the river including the parliament building. It honestly looks like something out of a fairy-tale!
I could of honestly walked around and looked out at the views for hours it was absolutely gorgeous, even if there was a big scary thunderstorm heading right at us! We wandered round and took loads of pictures, but one thing I would suggest is to try and get there as early in the morning as you can as I can imagine it would be a lot quieter and easier to take pho…

The Budapest Diaries - Day Two - Part One

Day Two of our Budapest visit was so busy I've had to split it into 2 parts because didn't think anyone would want to read me rambling too much!
We started the day back at Godszu Udvar for breakfast where I had the yummiest pancakes ever and my boyfriend had an English Breakfast which was slightly odd as it was hot dog sausages instead of normal sausages but he still inhaled it all - this seemed quite common in Hungary. We then make our way to the Central Market Hall which is a huuuge indoor market which sells pretty much anything you could think of. After we'd wandered around for about an hour seeing all the colourful stalls we settled on strawberries and chocolate for a little snack which was - oh my god - amazing.
After a quick drink stop we crossed over the Liberty Bridge to the Buda side of the river, this was really cool as the bridge was closed to cars so we could walk straight down the middle and get some fab photos. Once on the other side of the river we visited t…

The Budapest Diaries - Day One

Starting a new travel series all about our trip to Budapest - woo!

Budapest is a beautiful city and I would highly recommend to anyone who is after a city break. We stayed for 3 nights and our flights meant we had almost 4 full days which was perfect. We flew from Manchester and landed back into Leeds - Bradford just to make the most of our time there!

We landed in Budapest at around lunchtime and headed straight to our Airbnb - the link can be found here. The Airbnb was exactly what we needed and it was decorated beautifully so I cannot recomend enough! Once we'd got settled and unpacked we headed out to explore...

We initially wandered to see St Stephen's Basilica which was stunning (even in the rain). It was set in the middle of a square surrounded by little restaurants and cafes, you could also go inside the Basilica and up to a viewing platform at the top which we did later in the holiday.

After this we made our way to the SzĂ©chenyi Chain Bridge on the river and stopped for a…

The Tenerife Diaries - Siam Park

The second instalment of the Tenerife Diaries is all about our trip to the amazing Siam Park! 
Siam Park is based on the South Side of Tenerife so not far from most resorts. In terms of tickets we bought ours, and our bus transfer from an official seller based in the centre of our resort. The tickets themselves were just standard tickets and cost €38 and the bus direct to the park was a further €10. These tickets allowed us to spend the full day in the park from open till close, which I would definitely recommend as the earlier you got there, the less queuing you did!

We loved everything there but definitely had a few favourites!  
The Wave Palace - The waves at Siam Park are the biggest artificial waves in the world reaching around 3 metres high, we absolutely loved trying to jump over them but I have to admit if you misjudged it, it did become a little bit scary!The Mai Thai River - This was the parks lazy river which was lush, it was so nice to just relax and float all the way around …